Pre-Kinder sessions provide a great opportunity to familiarise the children with Kindergarten. It also provides an opportunity for the children and the Kindergarten teacher and Teacher’s assistant to connect and get to know each other with the hope of making a smoother transition into school next year.   

We are looking forward to getting to know the next year of Kindergarten students and their families.

The sessions will be run by the Kindergarten Teacher and will be held in the Kindergarten room once a week during school terms until the end of the year.

Parents/guardians are required to accompany their children throughout the session engaging with them in the various activities set up around the room. Children are welcome to bring some morning tea and a water bottle. A time will be provided towards the end of the session for them to sit and chat with their newfound friends whilst they enjoy their morning tea. 

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NB –  While younger siblings are welcome to attend the sessions, your pre-kinder child will benefit greatly if you are able to attend without younger siblings.  This will allow you to totally engage with your pre-kinder child throughout the session.  If you need to bring younger children just be mindful that It is a Kindergarten room and activities are structured for pre-kinder aged children and younger children will need to be supervised at all times.