Equipped, Empowered to Serve


Seeing our students educated, equipped and empowered for their God-given purpose in the world.


To equip students by teaching the Australian Curriculum from a Biblical worldview and building faith, character, and skills to engage their calling in life.

Core Values:

  • Our students and staff are continually growing in Christ-like character and reflect God’s love and power in the school, community and the nations.
  • Our school is anchored in the Word of God.
  • Our school is empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit and exercises the Spirit’s gifts in freedom.
  • Our school expresses kingdom values through dedication to community building both within and outside the school.
  • Our students excel in wisdom and education.
  • Our school fosters Godly and loving relationships underpinned by love, honour, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • Our school prepares and equips students for life in the 21st century taking with them biblical values for the workplace and global environment.
  • Our school recognizes the uniqueness of each individual student and seeks to educate them in these differences.
  • Our school believes in the God given potential for all students and provides an education for them to attain it.