Fees as a Contract.

By signing the Enrolment Contract a parent or guardian has entered into a legal and binding contract with Newstead Christian School for schooling of your child(ren) at the agreed fee schedule. This means The School has the right to full collection of fees when due and payable.

Fees charged by the School are:

Enrolment Application Fee

Charged per family enrolment application (refunded ti fees payable if the enrolment is successful).

Family Bond.
  • A Family bond (currently $1,000) is charged once per family upon enrolment of your child. This is kept as a bond and refunded to you when your last child leaves the school and all payments due are up to date.
  • No Child may start school until the family bond has been paid.
Tuition fees.
  • Tuition fees will be invoiced for the upcoming year per family before the first week of term 1 beginning February.

Fees may be paid:

  • per year, (within 14 days of the fee invoice);
  • per term (within 14 days of the beginning of each term) or
  • Regular weekly or fortnightly payments.

Other School purchases such as uniforms or excursions may be put on the family account with payment due in 14 days.

School fees are invoiced and collected through the FACTS Company by Direct Debit using your bank account or Credit Card. Upon enrolment you will receive an invitation to create FACTS login.

Keep a lookout for our new website, it will ready soon.