Our school consists of a range of different families that share in the same Christian values. Parents and children loving Jesus and in regular fellowship with other believers will maximise the results of our Christian curriculum. As well as families that have faith in Jesus Christ, we welcome and include families that agree with our ‘Vision and Values’ Statement.

Steps to Your Decision to Enrol Your Child/ren

  • Please study our manual carefully.
  • Do you agree with the objectives expressed by our ‘Vision and Values’ Statement?”
  • Would you be able to meet your financial obligations of fee paying and purchasing?
  • Can you guarantee your support for the school by signing the Enrolment Contract?
  • After reading the school manual carefully, is this the type of education you desire for your child and can support unequivocally?

Admissions Procedure

Note: The minimum age for admission in Tasmania requires your child to be 4 years of age at 1st January in the year enrolling for Kindergarten.

Please read the manual thoroughly and arrive at a conviction about Christian education and what Newstead Christian School has to offer your family.

  1. Register your interest in enrolling here.
  2. Receive confirmation and an appointment to tour our school (parents & child/children).
  3. Fill in all Application for Enrolment forms and submit them to the office with a $50 fee (taken off your fees upon successful enrolment).
  4. Meet with the Learning Support Co-Ordinator to have a pre-enrolment assessment (parents & child/children)
  5. Make an appointment for an interview with the Leadership Team to discuss enrolment, manual and fees.
  6. The Leadership team will consider the application and notify the parents of their decision.
  7.  Parents offered enrolment need to sign the Enrolment Contract and return it to the office.
  8. Payment of a $1,000 Family Bond (refundable when your last child leaves the school and all fees and payments are up to date).
  9. School uniform purchased.
  10. Begin School – Welcome.

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