Once Off Fees

Family Bond

$1,000 per family charged once per family upon the first enrolment.

  • No child may begin school until this has been paid.

Application Fee

$50 per family Enrolment Application

  • Taken off fees payable if the application is successful.
  • Forfeited if the application is unsuccessful.

Recurrent Fees

Full Time Student

  • Kinder Student per annum $2,600
  • Junior Student (Grades P – 3) per annum $4,240
  • Junior Student (Grades 4 – 6) per annum $4,670
  • Senior Student (Grades 7 – 8) per annum $5,540
  • Senior Student (Grades 9-10) Per annum $5,980

Sibling Discounts

  • 2nd Student in the Family receives a 50% Discount.
  • 3rd Student in the Family receives a 75% Discount.
  • 4th (and each further) Students in the Family receive 85% Discount.

Costs Covered in Fees

  • All core units of work and self assessment tools required for classroom curriculum.
  • Initial classroom resources needed for class units.
  • Camp fees, school transport costs (not home to school or school to home).
  • Entry fees to curriculum-related activities (unless advised).
  • All Senior electives.

Additional Costs

All costs not compulsory to the curriculum will be an additional cost to parents. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Transport to and from school.
  • School uniforms.
  • Materials for major projects may incur an additional fee.
  • Education Support Unit – student assessments (where required).
  • Special Extra Curriculum Events, e.g. Science Challenge.
  • Special excursions.
  • Senior mainland or OS trips.
  • School Photos.